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The firm's hallmark 30th anniversary in November of 2020 presented the perfect opportunity to launch the new brand, reflecting the firm's promise to keep its clients ahead of the curve.

Accounting Brand Corporate Identity
CS Primary_edited.png


Cassady Schiller celebrated 30 years in 2020, a long-standing institution with the foresight to see its trusted brand needed a facelift but like many, continued to press pause while other work took precedence. But when the realities of 2020 set-in, like everything else, priorities changed…The notion of, “we should do this” turned into “we have to do this, now” – a digital focus was no longer in the passenger seat.

CS 30 Primary_edited.png
CS Secondary 2-Color_edited.png
CS Icon_edited.png
Cassady Schiller building signage, logo
Print Ad Design, Cassady Schiller

We used the ocean - and the waves in C and S - as a metaphor for movement and growth. From type to illustrations, we applied sturdy and straightforward elements to express leadership and 30 years of experience. 

Cassady Schiller employees
Making big changes, quickly and virtually is no small task but proven doable at a high level, when you partner with a team like Ellie Brands. On all levels, their collaboration and execution exceeded our expectations. Together, we created a new brand and website that is inspiring and revitalizing our people and clients. Coming off of all the challenges of 2020, this rebrands’ impact goes well beyond the increased traffic. Our trusted brand means something bigger; represents our collective efforts, values, culture, people – keeps us ahead of the curve.
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