Hueber Homes is a luxury custom home builder that proudly delivers innovation, trust, and craft versatility. The objective of the rebrand is to ensure the brand best represents these values to an evolving audience.  The logo will lead the rest of the brand's visual identity system including colors, fonts, and patterns. This will be built out and applied consistently throughout all their communications including site signage, uniforms, and a new website.

Hueber Homes would appreciate your feedback on their evolved look. Please scroll down to view the new logo and share your thoughts in the survey below. 

Screen Shot 2019-07-19 at 12.35.23
Which of the following characteristics do you believe are represented in the new logo? (choose all that apply)
How would you rate the overall appeal of the new logo?
Do you agree that Hueber Homes should evolve their logo and visual identity?
How well does the new logo fit Hueber Home's offering?
Do you believe the logo would be eye catching on a new build site sign or a truck?

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