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3 Tips for Creating a Small Business Website That’s a Conversion Powerhouse

If you’re looking for tips for creating a small business website that’s affordable and effective, stick around. You’ve come to the right page.

Seventy-one percent of small businesses have a website. But not all websites are created equally. It’s one thing to create an affordable website. But it’s another thing entirely to ensure it attracts visitors and gets them to convert.

In these top tips for creating small business websites, we’ll cover the three things you need to create a small business website that's also a conversion powerhouse.

So, get comfy, open your notepad app, and let’s get started.

Small business website design and conversion statistics: What you need to know

Life is hectic, and people appreciate it when things are made easy for them. The same is true for your customers.

When creating a website for your small business, the key ingredients we’ll cover below all have one thing in common: they make it easy for customers to find you, find what they need and convert.

  • 38% of potential customers won't interact with poorly designed sites

  • 50% of visitors leave immediately and go to a competitor if they have a poor user experience

  • Consistent branding increases conversions by 33%

  • Small business websites with blogs get 67% more leads

  • US-based sites are considered less trustworthy if they only offer PayPal as a payment option

With these small business website statistics in mind, let’s get into the top tips for creating small business websites that are affordable and effective.

#1 Invest in a mobile-friendly design for your small business website

Half of all eCommerce revenue comes from people shopping on mobile devices. But eight out of 10 mobile shoppers abandon their carts.


Because many small business websites aren’t designed for optimal mobile viewing.

Remember, 50 percent of visitors will leave and go to a competitor if the user experience is poor. Viewing a non-mobile-friendly site on a smartphone is a surefire way to give visitors a poor experience.

Another reason you want a mobile-friendly website is because Google gives them priority on the search results page. Seventy percent of online traffic is generated through Google search.

If you want to ensure that your site attracts visitors and gets them to complete their purchase, be sure to invest in a mobile-friendly design.

#2 Less is more — keep your design simple

Bold headers, white space, and clear CTA buttons will help your website visitors easily navigate your pages. A simple, clean design is ideal.

  • Keep paragraphs short (six sentences or fewer)

  • Break up text with bullet points and lists

  • Stick to a simple, easy to read and scan font

  • Limit colors and GIFs, which can slow page load times and distract visitors

A simple design is also a critical factor in mobile-friendliness. For example, a clean, simple website is easier to view and navigate on a small mobile screen.

#3 Make the customer the focus

Often, your customers will come to your site searching for information and solutions. Help them find what they need with educational content. Remember, websites with a blog generate up to 67% more leads monthly than sites without one.

Also, offer customers additional ways to pay than just PayPal. Giving customers several choices for payment will increase your conversion rates and reduce cart abandonment.

Creating an affordable website for your small business: Punchline

The key to creating effective, revenue-generating small business websites boils down to user-friendliness. Keep your customer the center of your efforts, and you’ll continue to come out on top — regardless of any Google algorithm changes or upgrades in smartphone technology.

If you’re ready to launch an effective website for your small business that’s mobile-friendly and customer-focused, we highly recommend Wix. Wix CMS allows for optimized mobile viewing and has a robust eCommerce application.

At Ellie Brands, we don’t just build you a website and hand off an empty shell that you have to fill. Instead, we cover the initial design, copy, content creation, cohesive branding, and more.

Reach out to us online to schedule your free consultation. Or call us at 513-399-5040.


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