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The accounting and financial advisory group's next generation of leadership wanted to keep the brands rooted in 40 years of trusted business but align the strategy to an evolved life-centered, people-first approach to wealth management. Modernize and bring cohesion to the entire family of brands. 

Ellie Brands, Schulte Group, CPA
Ellie Brands, Schulte Group, Brass Tax Wealth Management
Ellie Brands, Schulte Group, Schulte Financial Group

We started our process by looking into the rich history of the organization. We strategized a contemporary new look that both pays homage to the pedigreed organization and embraces the vision of Schulte.

Ellie Brands, Schulte Group, Schulte Financial Group, CPA


 We identified a unique value proposition that offers their clients wealth clarity. They do this by offering financial expertise and life counseling to educate, empower and inspire clients based on their needs.

We then created a minimal brand identity system using a rich color palette, unifying typography, and illustration style to represent the different sister-brands, ultimately creating consistency and clarity throughout the organization.

We have really enjoyed this rebranding process with Ellie Brands. It has been valuable in clarifying our brand direction and creating a look and feel that we are extremely proud of. We love how it has all come together from message, design photography to the websites.