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website design + advertising + creative 

After a devastating fire destroyed Tano Bistro in 2018, husband and wife owners Gina and Tano Williams took time to reflect and refine their craft, brand vision, and communications as they gathered again.

Ellie Brands, Tano Bistro


Through guest research and a full day brand workshop, Ellie Brands worked with the Tano team to create a strategy centered around their purpose to make people matter and belong. We then crafted a brand story around their unique level of elevated care they take in every handpicked ingredient and personalized service.

Tano Site Mockup.png

Tano needed a versatile visual identity, one that could be applied on items as diverse as staff uniforms, signage, social media, and print. 


The logo is simply timeless and reads pure and intentional. The main wordmark is Chef Tano's signature created with food puree on a plate. The overlapping circles symbolize a full food experience and bringing the community together. 

Working with Ellie Brands has been incredibly valuable. We were able to align to our purpose and values and hone in on our brand pillars that gave us so much clarity through the rest of the branding process.

Our new message, Simply Made to Matter, hit the exact right note for us and our guests and the brand design is beautiful, spot on and simply timeless. We are so excited to share it with the world and continue to partner with Ellie to do so.

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