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With the addition of new team members, a new office space and a fresh new decade ahead, it was the perfect time to rethink Dooley Media's brand identity, clarify their story and create a brand that reflects what Dooley truly stands for.

Over the years, they evolved processes, expertise, and approaches to creating solutions. But in so many ways, they stayed true to Dooley's beginnings – driven by the passion of bringing people together. With this in mind, we helped them create a message, experience, and visual identity that felt real, handcrafted, and thoughtful, always keeping people (not metrics and marketing numbers) at the center.

We are SO thrilled with all our brand identity and also eager to put it to good use. Thanks for all of the effort you put in, especially your attention to every little detail - we felt very cared for throughout this entire process. I really appreciate the launch ideas - some great reminders as we finalize the rollout plan.

Matthew Dooley

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