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Branding + Website

Heart of Gold came to Ellie Brands looking for help to clarify their mission and create a more credible brand image. Serving Cincinnati and helping those dealing with heart disease and cancer for several years, they were ready to extend their mission and touch more people.

The brand visual identity honors the heartfelt mission and sets the stage for fun social gatherings that serve as their primary fundraising method.

The color palette brings together warm colors of joy and is balanced with a navy blue that both provides a serious side and pays homage to Tim Peters' love for Notre Dame.

We are so grateful for Ellie Brands. They have gone above and beyond what we ever imagined. Our group feels more unified and proud of the work we are doing and where we are going. From the rebrand, website, event materials, and email marketing their ideas and work were remarkable. And thanks to a great team effort we sold the event out and hosted our first Gala beautifully.

Jamie Mazza

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