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Branding + Website

The accounting and financial advisory group for churches and organizations of faith, partnered with Ellie Brands to clarify and elevate their brand after 12 years in business.

Based out of Colorado, we used the mountains as a metaphor to bring the brand promise to life: going beyond the numbers. The icon is tied closely to faith and spiritual symbols while also pulling in the C and A of the name.  The modern sans-serif typeface creates a professional and orderly image. And the colors feel tranquil and trusted - exactly what their client needs.

I have never been more excited about our business than I am now that we are working with Ellie Brands. We have clarity on who we are and who we serve. And the website is first-class. Just two weeks after it launched we had three new qualified leads. I'm extremely proud of our brand and what we have built together.

Josh Wilking

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