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Content Creation: How Videos Can Help Your Brand

When many people think of content creation, the two main buckets they consider are written (such as email newsletters or blogs), or visual imagery (for your website or social media). At Ellie Brands, we believe video is one of the most meaningful ways to create thought leadership content. A well-produced video is an effective way to tell your brand story, build a relationship with your consumers, gain credibility, and improve SEO.

Check out our top reasons for embracing videos, and tips for maximizing impact. If you’re inspired to strengthen your brand by building video content, reach out to Ellie Brands and a Brand Architect can provide more information on how to get started.

Why Videos?

Visual Storytelling

If you read our latest blog on the art of storytelling, then you know we value putting forth the best possible brand image in a clear and concise manner. When using a video to tell your brand story, you can use beautiful visual imagery plus your own tone of voice to present the story exactly as you wish. With video, there’s less room for misinterpretation, and it humanizes the brand in a way that makes it easy for consumers to connect.

Higher Engagement

In a world where people are being inundated with content and attention spans are shrinking, personalized videos are a great way to gain and retain the attention of your audience. Some stats show that when combined with email marketing, videos can boost conversion rates by over 500 percent; for social media, videos get 1,200 percent more shares than text and imagery combined. More shares and higher conversion rates? Sign us up!

Gain Credibility

Videos help you gain credibility amongst both your audience and your industry. Customers watching a video will likely develop a deeper bond with your brand in a way that feels meaningful and authentic. Within your industry, video content can position you as a thought leader, setting you up for opportunities for speaking engagements, guest blog posts, and press.

Boost SEO

With over 200 factors playing a part in the Google algorithm that determines search functions, there’s a lot to consider when mapping out an SEO strategy. Luckily for you, an easy way to increase SEO is to produce video content! Google’s site says they look for high quality content that contains information relevant to what your audience is looking for: video check both of these boxes, and will increase your conversions on landing pages by up to 80%.

Video Tips

Authenticity is Key

Cutting a video in an authentic manner is key for building trust and rapport with your viewers. Avoid looking directly into the camera; instead, opt for a documentary-style, where the main figure appears to be having a conversation with someone behind the camera, and film it from multiple angles. Build in additional footage, like b-roll, imagery, or human interactions, to add another dimension.

Consider Your Platform

While videos can vary significantly in length, it’s important to consider the platform where the video will live during the editing process. Aiming for Facebook or Instagram? Keep videos closer to 30-45 seconds in order to increase retention rate. Looking towards YouTube? Viewers are more receptive to a longer video, and we consider a two-minute piece to be the sweet spot. And don’t forget to make sure your videos are all mobile friendly!


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