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Small Business DIY Brand Bio

It can be hard to communicate what makes your brand unique in a simple way. Often times brand messages are either too long, too vague, too confusing or worse non-existent.

If you go to your website and act as if you were looking at it for the first time through the lens of your ideal customer, would you understand what you do in three seconds? Is it clear how you can help the customer? Less is more with brand messaging. No one wants to spend their precious time reading through paragraphs of copy to try to understand your business. If they don't understand immediately they will "bounce." This is where the term bounce rate comes from. This is when someone lands on your site and bounces off quickly because they either feel like they landed in the wrong place or didn't see the value and left right away.

Have you thought about the cost of people not understanding what you do? The opportunity loss of driving someone to your website or social media page and them leaving simply because they were confused.

Creating a clear and compelling brand bio can draw someone in, help them connect and say yes to your product or service faster. We are here to help develop your brand strategy and message, but if you are at a point where you want to try to craft it on your own we have an easy formula for you to follow.

A few great examples:

Our collaborative brand-building studio creates distinctive brands so you can stand apart and fuel your small business growth.

Our organic soy candles ignite peace and hospitality so you can make a house a home.

Our sugar free cupcakes indulge your sweet tooth so you can celebrate without guilt.

Unique adjective: one word that describes how your product or service is different. For example: elegant, agile, fast, up-lifting, organic, etc

Your product or service: simply state what you do.

Short Term Benefit: Explain what the customer will get or accomplish with your product or service starting with a strong verb.

Longer Term Benefit: Explain how your produce or service will change your customer's life.


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