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Want a Million-Dollar Brand? Invest in Quality Photography.

Brands must stand out visually in today's noisy world. I don't think this is news to anyone. With platforms like Instagram and Snapchat that are all about quick visuals and advertising coming at consumers from all angles it is extremely important to have quality photography that will stand out and tell a brand story.

One of our biggest brand tips is, "say more with less." When you capture the perfect image that reflects your brand's personality and unique benefit, you can say very little and let the beautiful photograph tell the story. This is so necessary and important when trying to connect with consumers that are busier than ever and surrounded by so many messages.

An entrepreneur or small business cannot just publish a website, make a few social media handles and wait for the phone to ring. Today's customer wants a more intimate experience through video and photo marketing. And consumers shop with their eyes online, especially in social media. Having clear, captivating, and on-brand photography is a must to stand apart and connect with your audience.

Think about how fast someone may pop onto your website they found on search and how quickly they could bounce right off if they aren't dazzled by what they see. Or how fast a user is scrolling through the Instagram feed looking for that unique image to jump out and pull them in. We have a moment to captivate an audience, and great photography gives us a stronger opportunity to draw someone in.

When we work through brand strategy to elevate a brand we ALWAYS recommend new high-quality photography to use on the website, social, and other communications for the brand. We have yet to complete a web design that we didn't capture new photography for because it's that critical to the impact and overall success of the site. You could have an amazing site design but without high quality photography, everything will fall short.

Here are five reasons why you should consider high quality photography to win on visual platforms and increase sales.

1) Photography conveys emotion and builds connections

Once you identify what the personality and mood of your brand is, you want to ensure that all design, words and imagery reflect it consistently. Photography has the power to convey strong emotion. You can use a warmer and softer light to create a comforting mood. When you use more white light and a bright room, you can convey happiness. While the use of blues can evoke tranquility.

2) Photography can impact the first impression of your brandWe used the above image of Chef Tano on the homepage of Tano Bistro's website. Immediately when a potential guest visits their site a first impression is formed. The high quality photo in itself sends a message of excellence. The fresh ingredients and his careful placement of the seasoning tell a story of how the details matter. As soon as their ideal customer lands on the website this image will help them form a positive opinion of the brand.

3) Increased perceived value with high quality photography

A quality image can help to increase perceived value. Bad photography can do the exact opposite. Brand imagery can convey how much you care about your products and services image - you care enough to put them in the very best light possible. Which can translate to how much you also care about the quality of those products and services and what a customer can expect from them. It's all very relative.

4) Say more with less - quicker way to get a message across

Customers buy what visually appeals to them. Great imagery creates a narratives that allows consumers to make impulse decisions. Pairing important verbiage with appropriate images, you can build a much stronger branding message than you can if you use just text.

5) Create brand trust and recognition People trust things they are more familiar with. This is why consistency in branding is so important. The use of similarly styled photography can help to create a familiar and consistent experience.

Photos taken by Tracy Doyle Photography


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