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Where to Look For Brand Identity Design Inspiration

You’ve developed a concept, worked out the details, and are ready to let the world know that your products or services are available . . . but first you need a brand - a way to communicate your solution. 

For many people, developing a brand identity may seem like a daunting task, but that’s why Ellie Brands is here to help!  From scouring the internet, browsing through design magazines, to making a mood board, we’ve included our top tips below for where to start when creating a brand identity.

Check Out the Competition

Browse through your competitors’ websites and take note of the elements that you like, and more importantly, the elements you don’t.  Try to get in the mindset of your ideal customer and search through their lens. What would appeal to them and their needs?

Peruse Pictures

We love looking to other creatives to get inspiration for brand image concepts.  Here are our go-to sites when we need some visual stimulation: 


This social media site is a mecca for visual discovery.  Search for anything that may inspire you (travel, décor, patterns, color-schemes, flowers, food, etc) and save your favorites.  You can also check out similar images or follow users that upload content that interests you. With such a wide range of content, this is a great place to start.  


Similar to Pinterest, Behance is a social media platform, but it was designed by Adobe as a place for creatives to share their work.  We enjoy going through the curated galleries that are most relevant and making note of anything that catches our eye.  


Designspiration calls itself an “image and color search engine.”  You can find art, design, photography, logos, and more, and add them to your mood board for your own brand image.  


Share images, inspiration, and ideas in a visually stimulating online mood board via Niice.  With their wide range of layout options, there’s a template to suit every taste.  


Top creatives in the world upload their illustrations, logos, graphic designs, branding, typography, and more to Dribbble, so it’s easy to peruse content from talented designers for inspiration.  

Creative Market:

Not only is Creative Market a great place to find design inspiration for branding they also sell fonts, illustrations, and mockups to help you bring your brand to life.

Communications Arts: A trade publication that shows the best of the best design, advertising, illustration, photography, interactive, and typography, Communications Arts is an exceptional source for ideas.  One of our favorite series from them is “Five Designers Share Their Treasured Finds,” where professional designers share the things that inspire them the most. 

Collaborate with Professionals: 

Now that you have an idea of what you do and don’t like in a brand image, and some images that speak to the message you want your brand to convey, set up a time to speak with Ellie Brands to bring your brand to life.  We can take the ideas you’ve selected and come up with something uniquely yours that feels the way you want your brand to feel.  

Want to set up a time to speak with Ellie Brands?  Reach out here so we can begin your creative brand journey today.


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