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Why Boutique Marketing Firms Give Your Brand the Biggest Bang for Your Buck.

The marketing industry is very different than it was just ten years ago. Boutique agencies, known for their small teams and niche expertise, have sprouted all over the country to accommodate brands with more localized and distinctive needs. Small use to have negative associations when it comes to agencies because they may have lacked experience and breadth. However, today small translates to focus, flexibility, speed, fresh ideas, energy, and cost-effectiveness. Big is not always better when it comes to choosing a marketing agency for your growing business.

Here are four reasons why boutique marketing firms can help you fuel your growth maybe even better and faster than a large agency.

One Dedicated and Flexible Team

At a smaller agency, the organization tends to be pretty flat, so the team that you met during the sales process is usually the team that will be doing the actual work. This makes communication fluid and far less time is needed to on-board new team members to your brand. When changes are needed, a boutique marketing firm can quickly adapt since the chain of command is much more direct. The only constant is change, so this advantage becomes a game changer in the everyday efforts of social media and digital.

Personalized Attention

Smaller agencies work with fewer clients and can provide you more individualized attention. For the best results brands need to work with agencies that are just as invested in the results as they are. Your business will represent a bigger percentage of overall revenue with a smaller agency, so it’s in their best interest to make sure you are absolutely satisfied and your business is growing as planned.

A Local Impact

Boutique agencies have more local experience with specific demographics, better connections with local vendors, and higher subject matter expertise in particular industries and areas. It’s more important than ever for your band to create a local impact and having a small agency with this experience is the gateway to targeted authentic consumer engagement opportunities.

More Bang for the Buck

Boutique agencies have far less overhead by design. Most of them have a desire to be small with less people and overall expenses. This is especially true for Ellie Brands. We have had large agency experience and created our shop to be the opposite: small, flexible, fast and cost-effective for small to mid-size ambitious businesses. We like other boutiques have created partnerships and vendor alliances, work in shared spaces or remotely, and utilize the latest technology to keep costs down so we don’t have to pass these costs along to clients. When you pair this with the energy within smaller shops and passion to prove out the promise and build a strong portfolio, you will get so much more bang for your buck using a boutique firm over a large agency.

The fact is, there are several good reasons why a small agency is sometimes a better choice, even for the big brands. There are a huge number of small agencies to choose from so businesses have options as they navigate a new agency partnership. Similar to why we lean in to small hometown retailers, restaurants, auto repair shops, is the same reason we want to entrust our brand with people that will give it the attention and passion it deserves.


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