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6 Easy Ways to Boost Your LinkedIn Profile

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Do you want to grow your personal LinkedIn network and professional credibility?

LinkedIn is a powerful platform for fostering strategic connections and creating a successful personal brand. A well-crafted LinkedIn page will help build more trust and influence in your field that can translate to more work opportunities.

Tara Morris LinkedIn profile

We've compiled six easy ways to boost your LinkedIn profile:

1) Add a custom URL

Promote your public profile and allow others to easily identify you in search results by changing or customizing your public profile URL. Custom public profile URLs are available on a first-come, first-serve basis so if your full name isn't an option consider adding in relevant search words like your field or city.

Keep your URL consistent with other social media platforms. Check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., and make sure this same handle is available there as well.

2) Select the right profile image and add a background photo to reinforce who you are

Many people do online research on people they’re about to meet. Your LinkedIn profile, along with the profile image, will be the top search result in a Google search for you. Choose a profile image that’s friendly and reflects your professional style. Select a recent professional headshot with your face taking up 50% of your profile image.

Your background photo is the second visual element at the top of your profile page. It grabs people’s attention, sets the context, and shows a little more about what matters to you. More than anything, the right background photo helps your page stand out, engage attention, and stay memorable.

If you don't have a custom graphic or photo, you can also consider using a stock image from Unsplash that helps tell a story of what you do.

3) Use industry keywords in your headline, job title, and summary

LinkedIn is one of the largest databases of professional contacts in the world. Similar to how people discover you on Google, LinkedIn relies on keywords to rank your profile.

LinkedIn Profile Page

The keywords you list in the Professional Headline field will have the most impact on your ranking among similar professionals on LinkedIn. You have 120 characters available to make an impact.

So if you have a default headline like “Founder, ABC Company,” switch it to a more specific headline, like this: Founder, Revenue Growth, Business Development Strategies, Big Data Marketing Technology, Lean Startup

4) Turn your summary into your story

Take advantage of this space to tell your personal brand story. Try to highlight why your skills matter and the difference they can make to the people you work with. Take your time writing this and run it by other people for feedback. You want it to be compelling and interesting but short and sweet.

5) Update your current position and responsibilities

Updating your positions and responsibilities will help others learn why and how they can work with you in your current role.

  • Link your current company to its LinkedIn page When you type in your current company make sure you allow it to populate the LinkedIn company page and select it so it's actually linked. This is helpful for users to learn more about the company you work for.

  • Add a company description and responsibilities for each role Just like a resume, you need to add each job you wish to highlight under Experience. Start with a brief overview of your company. Look on your company's LinkedIn page or website and copy the about description so it matches up with your company's brand message. Then add a few sentences or bullets about your specific responsibilities at the company. Add achievements where possible to show how your work has earned results.

  • Add media to visually show off your work This not only provides an actual portfolio piece, but it boosts the overall appearance of your profile. Media could include an award or certification, presentation, an article you wrote, photos or video of your work, or you in action.

6) Ask for recommendations

There’s a handy drop-down menu in the Recommendations section of your profile that makes it easy to reach out to specific contacts and request recommendations. Take the time to think about who you would most value a recommendation from – and personalize your request. It’s worth the extra effort.

Bonus Tip: Follow and engage with your company's posts

Each time you engage with content from your company's page, that interaction will show up in your network's feed. Spread the love for your place of employment and help build its brand reputation online by liking and commenting on posts.

LinkedIn states that 86% of employee advocates say that sharing content for their business has had a positive effect on their own careers.

Connect on LinkedIn with the author of this article and Chief Brand Builder at Ellie Brands, Tara Morris.


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