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Tara pioneers a distinctive approach to brand strategy, bringing marketing and design under one undivided roof at Ellie Brands. Inspired by her 20-plus years in branding and marketing for iconic global brands while at Empower to emerging local brands, Tara is a talented brand strategist, storyteller, art director, and detailed project manager. 


Tara has the unique ability to pull a compelling story from any brand and articulate meaning in a powerful way. Born and raised on a farm outside Cincinnati, she comes from a family of hard workers. She’s curious, hungry, and humble and won’t stop until the problem is solved. She believes every brand can be remarkable; it’s just a matter of finding the right angle to deliver an inspiring experience.


Tara Morris, brand strategist
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For over the past decade, she’s been helping entrepreneurs and companies shape inspiring brands using a non-traditional approach. One that is scalable, efficient, and proven successful. 

It’s fair to say Tara’s greatest strength is creative problem solving and always finding the silver lining. This serves her well as she balances her role as a mom of four, coach, volunteer, and business leader quite well.



Tara played volleyball in college, and the track coach asked her to try field events to put her vertical into play. She joined the team, became the captain, and broke the school Pole Vault record that still holds up today.

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