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My Interview Experience with Ellie Brands

As I sit and reflect on my interview with Ellie Brands and what I learned about the company, I get the same feeling of excitement that I felt when I met with Tara for the first time. Her enthusiasm about Ellie Brands was contagious and her passion about her branding and marketing business was refreshing; it is so rare to find individuals who genuinely care about their work and clients in such a deep way. I could feel the purpose before profits in every word.

Building Organic Relationships with Clients

One of the most unique elements about Ellie Brands is how they value relationships with clients above all else. This relationship encompasses elements of trust that is not found in a large business marketing setting. With their best interest in mind, Ellie Brands is committed to designing a marketing plan specifically for the individual client based on their specific needs ad stage to help grow their business successfully. Relationships develop organically and so does the content of what Ellie Brands is delivering. It is this special quality that allows for each client to see an unhindered vision of their brand develop during each and every step of the way.

In explaining my career change from a former educator to a Content Marketing Specialist, I find myself continuously telling family and friends that it just "feels right" for me. This statement holds true on various levels. The values and attitudes of Ellie Brands and what it stands for mesh perfectly with my own outlook on what a brand essence should be. Culturally speaking, Tara and Erica have set the tone of professionalism and sophistication while including me as a true and well-suited member of the team since day one. Ellie Brands is also the perfect fit for me in terms of gaining flexibility to better balance work and home life, being able to manage my time efficiently so I can give my 100% in my career at Ellie Brands and also to my children and husband at home.

“Brands shine when they are clearly understood.”

From my perspective, the solitary main goal of Ellie Brands is to work with businesses to help their brand shine above the rest and for the client to feel confident about the process of development along the way; hence the above quote, as proudly displayed on their website, wholeheartedly represents what Ellie Brands stands for.


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