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The 5 Best Nonprofit Websites That Truly Inspire Action

Updated: May 5, 2022

A staggering 97 percent of internet users are in research mode. By extension, this statistic also applies to people you’re trying to reach for charitable donations and support. So if you run a nonprofit, it’s essential that your website educates visitors about your organization’s vision and the cause it supports.

We’ve put together a list of 5 nonprofit website designs that’ll inspire you on your mission to find more supporters and get them excited about the cause you’re championing.

#1 Acumen: A simple but impactful design

Simplicity is a form of genius, and Acumen takes this to a whole new level. The organization spends millions of dollars a year fighting global poverty. Acumen’s modus operandi is to use its investment in impoverished communities to spark permanent, positive change in the economy.

best nonprofit website

It’s a complicated mission to communicate. So having a simple, easy-to-navigate interface is critical for Acumen. Large, stunning images, minimal text, and bold fonts make it easy for people to come to the page and immediately understand what Acumen is about and what the organization is currently working on. Acumen does an excellent job of using imagery to tell a story and communicate its goals and hopes for the future.

Heart of Gold is a nonprofit organization assisting those with heart disease and cancer. The organization’s leaders approached us for help clarifying their message with a new website design.

Again, we want to drive home that simplicity is genius. And for nonprofits, essential to inspire action. Since nonprofit organizations’ missions and the way they intend to achieve them can be complex, effectively and immediately communicating the mission to visitors is critical.

Great Charity Website, Heart of Gold

You can see how we did that with Heart of Gold’s website design.

The organization’s mission is laid out in plain language at the top of the website. The interface offers a simple layout and the homepage only has four main sections, making it easy to understand the mission, what the organization is doing now, and how visitors can support it. The design is further pulled together with cohesive branding in its fonts, tone, colors, and imagery.

The bottom line is, less is really more if you want your nonprofit website to inspire people to give and volunteer.

#3 Nashville Zoo: Stunning graphics

A picture says a thousand roars. The Nashville Zoo nonprofit website does an excellent job of telling its story through the use of powerful images.

The zoo’s primary objective is to get people to visit the zoo, and in turn, support its conservation efforts. So, in addition to capturing people’s attention with images, the site makes it easy for people to plan a visit.

Immediately on the front page, people know precisely when the zoo is open, how to get there, and what New at the Zoo exhibits are open to getting excited about. Further down the homepage, visitors will find behind-the-scenes looks at the organization’s efforts, from habitat protection, conservation, research, and more.

So, if your particular nonprofit’s efforts can be communicated through stunning imagery, we suggest taking a page out of the Nashville Zoo’s book for making an unforgettable impact on your audience.

#4 Warren County Fairgrounds: Reimagining community

Our team recently redesigned the Warren County Fairgrounds website. We want to drive home that the most significant impact a nonprofit website can have on visitors is to effectively communicate its mission as soon as they click on the page.

Best Fair Website

So, our main objectives for redesigning the Warren County Fairgrounds site were to:

  • Create cohesive branding with reimagined fonts, colors, and imagery

  • Make it easy for visitors to learn about upcoming events and when to plan a trip to the fairgrounds

  • Show visitors that there is more to the fairgrounds than just fairs. People can use the Fairgrounds to plan their very own social gatherings, corporate events, weddings, and even take advantage of the organization's unique customizable packages.

Not to toot our own horn, but the new website design really drives home the Warren County Fairgrounds' purpose — that the location brings the community together in a stunning location rich in local history.

#5 WaterAid: Clear Call to Action

simple charity website

WaterAid has a very simple but inspiring design. They start with a banner video to humanize the cause and highlight a very clear call to action: donate. Then they share stats to show what the problem is, and explain how they can help. As you scroll down the homepage they display easy gallery-style call-outs that demonstrate how the user can get involved. Short, sweet, and effective! If you are looking for a clean and quality website, look here for inspiration.

5 More Charity Websites That Inspire

Design your impactful nonprofit website: Get started with Ellie Brands

At Ellie Brands, it's our goal to recreate websites into inspiring digital locations that compel visitors to take action. But our work doesn’t end there.

We give you a fully operational, optimized site that has everything you need to educate and compel viewers to support your charitable enterprise. From the initial design, to mobile viewing and content, we do it all.

Get in touch with our experts online or by phone at 513-399-5040 to get started with your custom nonprofit website design.


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