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Logo Design Trends for 2018

Small businesses have to compete in an increasingly noisy world, often against large, dominant businesses with more established brand equity. Customers who are just discovering your brand need something to remember you by, and your logo serves as a symbol of your business. The design has to reflect your brand, be memorable, unique and timeless. Keeping all that at the forefront it's important to design for the times so it's relevant and appealing. Here are the top logo design trends we think are the most important when designing small business brand logos going into 2018.

Minimalism - Say More With LessIt is often the simplest of designs which catch the eye. Minimalist designs are both purpose driven and practical.  Line art is a great way to big impact. It's clean, elegant, timeless, laid back and very popular among new and modern businesses. 

Responsive, Contextual Designs - Flexibility To Be AnywhereWe are in age where one logo slapped everywhere just doesn't work. It needs to be aesthetically pleasing and relevant and the right format in different contexts: posters, business cards, installations, packaging, social, over photographs and video. 

Negative Space - Clever and Memorable 

Positive and negative space compete for attention and grab the eye longer. The approach is clever and unique and a great way to increase memorability. 

Creative Typography - Be Unique and Chic Creative and hand-drawn type is being used to ensure uniqueness. Using type as the creative element may eliminate the needs for the traditional logo icon and let the words be the design (called lettermarks or wordmarks). 

Bright Colors

Intense colors that fade from a saturated hue to a lighter one, or gradients that segue from one shade to another continue to be popular in logo design. No matter the primary color it is always important to create an additional logo set with the black, white and a lighter toned logo for various applications. 

The sixth one would be Vintage which is still a big trend but I would advise to consider the burn out. Vintage has been around for a few years and will soon become a fad. I would tread lightly if applying this to design to look down the road and ensure it will stack up. 


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